Richard Walker's Little Home Page Welcome to a graphics free entry home page. I don't like it when other people put graphics and other big stuff on their opening page, so I won't do it either. There are some outdoors photos scanned in the pages under this one though.

====================[software available here]=================================
GT Power BBS Stuff {freeware} I wrote:
GT Binary Directory Mapper ZIP 15k
GT - FIDO message translator ZIP 142K 

Windows NT Freeware (with source) I wrote:
Sleep console app, useful for CMD file use ZIP 12k
Randomwav - plays a dir full of wav files, in random order ZIP 18k

To check out some of my -outdoors adventures- stuff...
   RWW's Sea Kayaking
   RWW's Sailing notes
   Backcountry Photos
   RWW's Fly Fishing

For an interesting page that a person actually does doodle with from time to time, check out my wife's page:
Juliedom  [sorta like a kingdom...]

A list of my favorite Search Engines
Aerial Photographs on Terraserver
Internet Auctions I like Going Going!!
Check out Texas Parks and Wildlife TPW

Other South East Texas Things:
Current Houston Traffic Map
Current Conroe Weather [@Weather Channel]
Conroe Courier Newspaper
KHOU Channel 11

Otherwise: Send me Mail!!